Strategic Advising/Strategic Planning

We help our clients navigate the complex world of health care by offering both formal strategic planning services and ongoing strategic advising services.

Strategic Advising: Our team curates health care research, market data, and policy changes to help our clients make informed decisions and develop successful strategies. We provide board and staff education, executive team advising, and customized products to help organizations become more knowledgeable about the local, state, and federal health care landscape. We offer a variety of customized, flexible strategic advising retainer options.

Strategic Plan Facilitation: Our consultants facilitate strategic plan development for organizations of all sizes. We believe that truly engaged stakeholders create the most successful strategic plans, which is why our approach focuses on engaging leadership and partners in an open, collaborative and solutions-oriented process that creates a plan that is strategic, realistic and actionable.


Needs Assessment

Our consultants conduct small and large scale needs assessments to inform strategy and business planning. We have expertise in community needs assessments and in bringing together public health and service delivery data.  Our experienced facilitators engage diverse stakeholders who reflect perspectives from across the community.

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